Recruit an Apprentice

Employing an Apprentice is the same as employing a new member of staff – the only difference being is that that new member of staff will be undergoing an Apprenticeship and training on the job.

How you advertise, interview and offer the Apprentice the job is completely up to you, but we offer a fully-funded Apprentice recruitment service that any of our Welsh clients and businesses can take advantage of.

We are very experienced in recruiting Apprentices and operate very similar to a recruitment agency meaning we can help you recruit the perfect person.

There are a few rules when it comes to recruiting an Apprentice, and we can help you through the entire process, but the basics are that you must be able to guarantee an Apprentice:

  • a contract of employment 
  • a wage of at least National Minimum Wage for Apprentices
  • a safe and healthy working environment (our Health and Safety team will pay you a visit to check everything is in order)
  • time to complete their training as set out in the training plan

As well as helping you ensure you have all of the above covered, we can support you with job descriptions, advertising; including listing vacancies on Careers Wales’ Apprenticeship Matching Service and our vacancies page on our website, as well as the initial sift of applications, ensuring you have a quality short list of candidates to interview. How much involvement and support you receive from us is completely up to you.


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We deliver dynamic training packages designed to meet the needs of employers and the Welsh workforce.


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